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Modeling and Cutting room

All of our packaging products are in line with the highest quality standards and can be used on all the major brands of machinery.

Our stock includes consumables and media for drawing, cutting, and separating fabrics and semi-finished products.

  • APPLICATIONS: cutting-room, modelling, packaging, leather products.
  • WHO USES IT:clothing companies, leather shops, cutting centres, stylists, modelers and fashion agencies.

Sizes and colors available


Layers divider

100% recycled paper
40 gr/m2
from 162 to 182 cm

Underlay material

100% recycled paper
from 60 to 80 gr/m2
from 101 to 185 cm

HD Polythene

da 6 a 115 µm
da 40 a 300 cm

T.N.T.Non-woven fabric

15/17 gr/m2
150 cm x 500 mtl

Cardboard for templates

from 160 to 500 gr/m2
from 100 to 150 cm


100% recycled paper
from 40 to 120 gr/m2
from 152 to 202 cm

Plotter CB

100% pure cellulose
Gr.: 50 gr/m2
from 165 to 215 cm

Plotter CR

100% recycled paper
60 gr/m2
from 165 to 205 cm


100% pure adhesive cellulose
58 gr/m2
from 165 to 205 cm


100% adhesive recycled paper
68 gr/m2
from 165 to 205 cm

Squared plotter THERMO CB

100% pure numbered cellulose
58 gr/m2
165 cm

Red fiber bundle

From 1,0 to 2,0 mm
Format: 79×158 cm

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