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Chemical products

A selection of adhesives for the gluing of various materials and chemical products for the processing and maintenance of machinery is always present in our warehouse.

  • APPLICATIONS:¬†gluing, assembling, sliding, machinery maintenance
  • WHO USES IT:box factories, paper packaging companies and graphic arts, bookbindings, typography, production companies, cutting centers

Available compositions


Vinyl glue
suitable for casing-in
30 kg buckets


Vynil glue
suitable for paperback binding
10 or 30 kg bucket


Vynil glue
suitable for gluing paper and PVC
30 kg bucket

Glue stick for PVC

hot melt glue
for plastic and PVC
size 12 mm x 300 mm
10 kg boxes

Glue stick for paper

hot melt glue
for paper and cardboard
size 12 mm x 300 mm
10 kg boxes

Silicone spray

Silicone sliding for worktops
500 ml

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