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Plastic packaging

Our Company is also dedicated to the trade of polyethylene products for packaging and of adhesive tapes. In this way we can offer every customer the most complete service possible.

  • APPLICATIONS: packaging, protection, filling, palletizing
  • WHO USES IT: box factories, paper packaging companies, printers, graphic arts, production companies

Available typologies

HD Polythene

From 6 to 115 µm
From 40 to 300 cm

Bubble wrap

Protective plastic
with air bubbles
From 100 to 150 cm

PVC adhesive tape

Pvc tape 
havana and transparent colors
From 15 to 50 mm

PPA adhesive tape

Polypropylene tape
havana and transparent colors
50 mm x 66 mt

Paper adhesive tape

Masking tape
From 19 to 50 mm

“Fragile” adhesive tape

Tape printed with the word “fragile”
50 mm x 66 mt

Seal adhesive tape

Warranty seal tape
50 mm x 66 mt


Polystyrene for packaging
Bags containing 1/5 mc

Black bags

Low density polythene (PE-LD) bags
Grammage: 70 gr/mq
Package: 100 pieces

Grey bags

Low density polythene (PE-LD) bags
Grammage: 60 gr/mq
Package: 100 pieces

Transparent bags

High density polythene (PE-HD) bags
Format: 70×110 cm
Package: 10 kg

Manually extensible

Stretch wrap
From 12 to 50 cm

Small transparent bags

Low density polythene (PE-LD) bags
Custom format
Package: 1000 pieces

Silicone spray

silicone lubricant for countertop
500 ml

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